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23 October 2010 @ 01:47 pm
Dirty Little Secret (Santana/Brittany)  

Disclaimer: I own nothing that can be used against me in a court of law!
Summary: NOT a songfic but based on the song Dirty Little Secret by the All American rejects. Brittany wants to go public, but Santana's dead set against it. Brittana, Brittany/Mike, and hints of Faberry.
Spoilers: None, I think except for Brittana and minor parts of the show...
A/N: I've only watched a couple episodes of glee, but I know their relationship and I've read a lot of fics so hopefully I do okay =) I decided to write this cuz it's TOTALLY their song.



Dirty Little Secret


Santana glanced up from her notes and met those piercing blue eyes. "Yeah B?" she asked, rolling over so she was facing the tall blonde beside her on the bed.

"I don't like it when Puck kisses you," she said, an adorable frown creasing her features.

Santana sighed and buried her face in the covers for a minute before looking back up and meeting Brittany's steady gaze. "You know I don't either, B, but it has to be like this."

"You just don't want people to think you're gay," Brittany stated defiantly.

Santana groaned. "I'm not gay, B, and neither are you. We're just having fun. Sex is fun, right?"

Brittany nodded hesitantly, and Santana could tell she was thinking about something. "But I only like it with you," she said. "Because...I love you!" she announced, grinning as if she'd figured out the answer to a complicated math problem.

"And I love you too, but we're not gay, B."

Brittany frowned and shook her head. "I'm gay for you," she declared. "And what's wrong with being gay? Kurt's really nice and so are Q and Rachel."

"And you see all the shit they get," Santana argued. "Besides, it doesn't matter how 'nice' they are. We're still not gay."

"Rachel has great legs."

Santana raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms over her chest. "Really? Why are you looking at manhands?" she asked spitefully, but quickly collected herself. "That has nothing to do with RuPaul."

"And Q's got a nice body," Brittany continued as if Santana hadn't spoken.

"Oh yeah?" Santana asked, her jaw tightening. "I bet you'd just love to sleep with her, too. You've already slept with every guy in the fucking school, why not move onto the girls?" Her jealousy was getting the better of her, she knew; she never got angry or irritated with Brittany.

But Brittany only looked at her with sad eyes. "I'm gay, S," she said quietly. "I like girls. They're really soft and gentle and pretty. Why can't you admit that you do too? Or at least that you like me?"

"I..." Santana stopped herself. It was a no-win question and no matter how she answered it somehow something was bound to go wrong. "I do love you, B," she said, watching Brittany's eyes light up. "You know I do. As a friend. I'm not gay, B, and neither are you."

Brittany stood abruptly, causing Santana to look up at her in confusion. She was angry, now; Santana had never seen Brittany get mad before. "I am," Brittany insisted. "And I'm tired of being your dirty little secret!" The tears had already started to fall before she could finish her statement and all Santana wanted was to hold Brittany and make it all better. "I want us to be together everywhere, not just at home!"

Santana stood now, the anger rushing back and taking over her head. "Then...this is over," she stated, trying to find a word for their relationship. "I'm not gay, B; I don't need the whole fucking school thinking I am." The regret set in quickly and she took a step towards Brittany with her arms out to take the blonde's pinkie.

But Brittany ran down the stairs before she had a chance, disregarding the rain and the fact that she didn't have a way back home.


The next day, Santana didn't drive Brittany to school and Mike Chang had his arm around her waist.

Santana clenched her jaw but did nothing, watching as Brittany struggled with her locker combination and Mike finally helped her.

That was her job.

Brittany finally pulled her locker door open and reached inside; on top of her Spanish book sat a large stuffed duck that Santana had bought for her before school. Santana frowned, waiting for Brittany's reaction. Finally, Brittany turned and gave her a sad look and shook her head before closing her locker and laughing at something Mike had said. 

Santana could do nothing but watch and grind her teeth as they walked past her in the hallway. She knew she couldn't and that was what made it unbearable.

She slammed her locker shut and stalked off to find someone to hit.

And then Puck.

Maybe she'd just hit Puck.

I'll keep you my dirty little secret
(Dirty little secret)
Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret
(Just another regret, hope that you can keep it)
My dirty little secret


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